SCAPD's Mission

Our society serves its members and represents the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry in the state of South Carolina. Our goal is to advocate optimal oral health care for infants, children, adolescents/teenagers, and persons with special health care needs.

We will represent the oral health issues for all children in the state of South Carolina. We strive to encourage, sponsor and advance the achievement of high and ethical standards of practice for our members. We want to promote to the public scientific information and advancements in Pediatric Dentistry to better educate parents on the value of a pediatric dentist for their child.

South Carolina Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
2022-23 Leadership

Dr. Karen Wolf

Coastal Kids Dental and Braces
N. Charleston, SC

Dr. Jeff Jackson

Vice President
Jackson Pediatric Dentistry
Summerville, SC

Dr. Gabe Ross

Oak Landing Pediatric Dentistry Summerville, SC

Dr. Beth

Carolina Children's Dentistry
Columbia/Sumter SC

Dr. Rosa Barnes

Immediate-Past President
Coastal Kids Dental and Braces
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Past Presidents:

  • Dr. Shane Harpham
  • Dr. Meredith Papadea 
  • Dr. Isabel Driggers
  • Dr. June Murakaru

Public Policy Advocate:
Dr.Hannah Rustin

Medicaid Liaison:  Dr. Felicia Goins

Membership Liaison:  Dr. Brian Han 

MUSC Pedo Program Liaison: Dr. Deirdre Williams

District Representatives:


  • Dr. Megan Charowski
  • Dr. Cole Staines


  • Dr. Rob Nieders
  • Dr. Ryan Colosi



  • Dr. Richard Bryant
  • Dr. Matt Tillman


  • Dr. Rebecca Ward
  • Dr. Erin Nichols

SCAPD Members

SCAPD Members can access a password-only leader directory with email contact information. Additional features coming soon. Please use our website contact form to request your password.